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rbln CleanWP

Description: A plugin to provide you with a clean WordPress.
Cost: Free


  • Hides all WordPress Standard-Themes except 2017 (/twentyseventeen/)
    Sometimes too much is too much. In a „first-install“ of WordPress usually a bunch of themes are installed by default. Maybe you don’t want to uninstall them, but have a nice and clean overview in your „Themes“ section. This is the solution.
  • If the Enfold-Theme is installed, activates Developer-Mode in Editor
    Enfold by kriesi.at is a very powerful and nice theme with many options. Nearly everyone I know who is using this theme is searching first-step on the support page on how to enable the developer mode. Well – this is for you. <3
  • Deactivates all automatic Updates (WordPress-Core, Themes, Plugins)
    Automatic updates are very useful. But not so much when you use an external service (such as GoDaddy or ManageWP) to manage your WordPress installation. And if you have a staging-version of your website as well, you never want to have anything run automatically.
  • Adds a RBLN-Avatar as Gravatar
    A very kind and fun addition to the standard (gr)avatars 🙂

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version 1.0
- Initial Release
version 1.1
- Adding RBLN-Avatar
- Initiating Updater

Coming soon

- De-/activate each setting
- More cleanups…  
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